Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Monday Rant: FCOJ Reduction

Late last year, all of the canned, concentrated fruit juice in local grocery stores shrank. The cans used to make 1.42L, now they make only 1.13L, using the same "add three cans cold water" directions. Why? Why have they done this? It's all of the juice, from the big names (Minute Maid, Old South) to the store brands (Signal, in the case of my local Sobey's).

These juice containers should be considerably more full - the orange juice container, at 1.5L capacity, should be in danger of overflowing!

Unrelated bonus mini-rant: Attention Flickr/Yahoo, Google/Blogger, Hotmail, and other websites that require me to log in - I will not give you my phone number. You don't need it, I will never desire you to send me a text or a voice call, stop asking!

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Ruth said...

I noticed the frozen juice cans have shrunk. I bet the price didn't shrink. That's why they've done it. It's the same with the cans of non-frozen apple juice. Smaller but same price.