Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday Rant: Comment Destruction

I just had a long, thought-out comment about evolutionary genetics on Pharyngula eaten by teh intarweb. FUCK.

There should be no situation in which a single mouse click (Crick-damnable-touch-pad-FUCKER) or key press throws away an entire block of text.

This happens too frequently to me.

That is all.

Does anyone know of any software that will non-permanently DISABLE the touchpad of an Acer laptop running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2?


Mike said...

No software required!

Function-F7 does exactly that on Steph's Acer TravelMate 2200. That disables both the touchpad and the neighboring click buttons.

Look for a blue icon with a hand touching a box.

TheBrummell said...

Thanks Mike! I've also got a TravelMate 2200, but I never noticed/figured out that button before.

Trying now....Success! Huzzah!

Now if I could just find such an easy control for my random spazzing handwaving. Oh well.

Mike said...

You are welcome. I'm glad it worked!

That button is also handy if you ever use an external mouse and want to disable the touchpad. I hate the things, personally.

Bart said...

...tee hee...hand touching a box...tee hee...Actually, I've got an Acer too and it looks more like probing than touching really.

I'll go now.

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