Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday Rant (Nonquantitatively Delayed): Enforced Boredeom

There are two ways I have found myself bored and unable to immediately escape to some more entertaining activity. In the first, I am paralysed by social obligations, such that I cannot just start reading my book, or get up and leave, as I must pretend to be interested in whatever is happening among the people I am with. In the second, the laws of physics and economics conspire to hold me in some boring place - like a ferry, or an airplane cabin.

I've met a lot of both types recently. I've been forced to endure long sessions as other people's friends and relative discuss each other's lives, and as I waited for others' telephone [link] conversations to end. I've also spend some time lately cooped up inside large vehicles, including a two-hour ferry and a four-hour airplane ride. I'm getting very tired of this kind of boredom (even more than my normal irritation at boredom), probably due to overexposure.

Sorry this rant isn't longer or angrier; I just don't feel like writing right now, especially something boring and obligation-riddled.

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