Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monday Rant (Delayed): Fabric failure

I recently bought a nice wool scarf for very cheap. It was long and black and quite good. Then I decided to wash it - because it came from a second-hand store, and is wrapped around the mouth and nose. Apparently, some materials are supposed to be allowed to accumulate dirt and nastiness ad infinitum, because they are very difficult to wash. Like, for example, wool. The directions said "wash in warm or cool water, dry at low heat". This I more-or-less did, but the stupid thing shrank precipitously and became much lighter in colour. It's still nice and warm, and I know it's clean, but the shape change pisses me off.

Why has this problem not been completely, utterly solved? I know women's clothing is ridiculous, so I don't really expect any solutions there - you buy clothes you can't wash, why, exactly? But I digress; why does men's clothing exist that cannot tolerate being clean?

The technology exists to cheaply manufacture high-quality clothing that will not suffer from treatment recieved in a standard household washing machine or dryer. The overwhelming majority of the clothes I own are made of such cloth; some are labelled "preshrunk". The few items that do not have this trait that I own are irritating.

Please don't tell me that I should have been more careful. First, you must justify why any clothing is sold today that requires extraordinary care - then you can tell me why I need to exercise such care.


Carlo said...

In order to comment about this post, I'm just going to make a post on my blog (within the next few days) about the difficulty of living with someone who actually follows the washing directions on clothes... and has to because her clothes are RIDICULOUS.

I am not fashion savvy. However, I now have very concrete reasons for being so. Julie has taken me to 'cool' stores and encouraged me to buy 'nice clothes'. These clothes suck. For instance, one t-shirt/button up shirt combo thing cannot be properly washed. Nor can it stand drying. I must hand wash the shirt and hang-dry it... This means that a) it cannot get significantly dirty (and dirtiness happens by ACCIDENT obviously) and b) I do not ever wear it.

What a fricking hassle! Why in the hell would I ever want to wear this thing? Cripes, I'll just go back to polymer-based clothing. I don't care how 'cool' it is. I don't have time to do this shit!!!!


Carlo said...
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TheBrummell said...

I've got lots of clothes that Melanie (mine, not yours) thinks are great and look great on me. The majority of these dress/casual shirts and pants were purchased either at Value Village or WalMart for El Cheapo - and ALL are beat-on-able, washable, and dryable.

So it is possible (for men who are as sexy as I) to look good and not have a hassle with clothing.