Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fish: Oxycirrhites typus

Yet another great picture from Lucy's fieldwork, of the Longnose Hawkfish. I'm not sure why the common name specifies it's a "longnose", since this is the only species in the genus listed in FishBase. I'm not sure what this guy is sitting on, perhaps a coraline alga, although FishBase talks aobut these occurring primarily on gorgonians and black corals. Sadly, I have no experience of Indo-Pacific tropical reefs.
Here's another pic, just because:

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Earth2Ocean said...

Hey Martin - just checked in on your blog to see who the latest Friday fish was...glad to see a couple more of my pics on here! It's fun to see my pictures online - my mum is getting a website together for me (maybe to sell some) so i'll get the site to you when that's up and running!