Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogroll added

After I got my photo for my profile more or less sorted out, I added the blogroll, visible in the sidebar. I spend far too much time reading other people's blogs, which is partly how I got into this thing in the first place (see earlier post). Just 5 so far, but I'm sure I'll add a few more when I get around to it. A few quick notes.

Musings of the Mad Biologist: My friend Carlo's blog. Comments by me on one or two of his posts were along the lines of "I should get my own blog". And now here we are.
Pharyngula: Dr. PZ Myers irritates the religous, mocks idiots, and posts pictures of cephalopds. What's not to love?
Pooflingers Anonymous: A nameless ape flings metaphorical faeces at targets of opportunity, primarily the religious, idiots, and people who fit both categories.
Respectful Insolence: Orac writes clearly and well about medicine (he's a surgeon), science (he's a researcher) and history. Also demolishes the ridiculous claims of alties.
Rifters Newscrawl: Not officially a blog, rather this is a "newscrawl", which I guess means more straight fact reporting from the larger world, and less day-to-day personal stuff. Peter Watts is a science-fiction author and a scientist. And he's Canadian. And he used to live in Vancouver, and occasionally sets his stories in Vancouver. I especially recommend exploring his website, don't let the cynicysm get you down, there are some gems there.

I'll add more, and introduce them, as the urge strikes me.

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